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                Focus on Solar + Wind + Energy Storage
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                June 24-25 | Casablanca, Morocco
                2nd North Africa Renewable Energy Summit



                DMs?from GOVs, Developers, EPC & Suppliers


                Exhibitors?& Sponsors

                ?Brand Exposure through exclusive exhibitor & sponsor package



                ?Distinguished Speakers share you the latest information within North Africa



                ?Catch potential business oppotunities with this?FACE-TO-FACE meeting

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                Key Speakers in 2019

                Moroccan Ministry of Energy,?Mines and Sustainable Development

                Ariane Brunel
                Principal Banker in Energy EMEA Team

                Gabriel de Lastours
                Senior Banker Energy EMEA

                Abdelkader Himdi
                Director of Operations and Maintenance

                Tarik Hamane
                Director – Advisor to the Chariman

                Nessreen Rady
                Director of New and Renewable Energy?Dept
                Egyptian Electricity Holding Company

                Asma Dhakouani
                Principal Manager-Directorate of Strategy & Planning

                Brahim Oumounah
                Director of Strategy and Planning


                Loubna Farabi
                Wind Projects Manager


                Miguel Mndez Trigo
                Head of Solar Technology


                Yasin KASIRGA
                Hybrid Solutions Director
                GE Renewable Energy

                Esposito Werther
                Country Manager Morocco
                Enel Green Power

                Sbastien Robert
                Chief Executive Officer
                Voltalia Morocco


                Khalid Benhamou
                Managing Director
                Sahara Wind

                Gilles Vaes
                Head of Business Development North Africa

                Badis Derradji
                Regional Managing Director
                ACWA Power

                Oliver Baudson
                General Manager
                TSK Flagsol

                Abdelaziz Yatribi
                Business Development Director
                Scatec Solar

                Najlae Yazghi
                Sales & Proposal Manager of SGRE in Morocco
                SIEMENS Gamesa

                Boukhalfa Yaici
                Cluster Energie Solaire (Algeria)

                Chafik Akachouche
                Senior Electric Power Systems Expert
                CREG Electricity And Gas Regulator Authority

                Gurmeet Kaur
                Board member
                Middle East Solar Industry Association?(MESIA)

                Ian Berryman
                Research Associate
                Bloomberg New Energy Finance

                Dr. Emanuela Menichetti
                Head of Electricity & Renewable Energy Division
                Observatoire Mditerranen de lEnergie (OME)

                Ad Van Wijk
                Professor Sustainable Energy
                Delft University Netherlands

                Badr IKKEN
                General Director

                Salma El Aimani
                Associate Professor,Electrical engineering & Renewable Energy
                Ibnou Zohr University

                Mr. Ronald F. Springer

                Renewable Energy Development Center CDER, Algeria

                Algeria`s Ministry of Energy and Mining

                Why You Can’t Miss NARES 2019

                • No.1 C-Level Renewable Energy Event?in?North Africa Focusing on Wind Energy, PV, CSP & Energy Storage

                • 250+ Renewable Energy Industry Players?to Focus on Morocco, Egypt,?Tunisia, Algeria & Egypt

                • 20+ Key Developers and EPCs?you will meet for business-critical discussion

                • Access 8+ Case Studies?about Projects Tenders

                • 15+ Technology showcases?for Wind Energy, PV, CSP and Energy Storage Innovations

                • Unparalleled Networking Opportunity?Together with Government, Developers, EPC, Control Systems / Equipment Providers, Material and Other Renewable Energy Supply Chain

                NARES 2019 Sponsors

                Supporting Partners

                Download PPT of?NARES 2018

                Recent News